The Signature Collection Experience

The Signature Collection by Ella B. Candles

The Signature Collection by Ella B. Candles

Introducing the Signature Collection by Ella B. Candles

Let’s start with the basics: The Signature Collection is a scent-driven, ready-to-order line of home fragrance products from Ella B. Candles. Unlike other lines that we offer (like Neighborhood and Private Label), Signature Collection products aren’t personalized. They come as you see ’em in elegant black glass vessels adorned with color-coded labels (more on that in a minute!) Available as an 11oz pure soy candle and a 4oz room and linen spray. Signature Collection Pure Soy Candles and Room and Linen Sprays

Making Sense of our 30 Signature Scents

The Signature Collection features 30 unique fragrances. To help you find your favorites, we’ve sorted these 30 fragrances into families that speak to senses other than smell: Blush, Botanical, Citrine, Ember, Gourmand and Midnight.

Blush Pure Soy Candles Signature Collection

Diverse, distinct and inspired by instinct, these fragrance families group similar scents together based on their overall aura. Energizing citrusy scents can be found in the Citrine fragrance family, while moody musks live in Midnight. Fragrance family is reflected by corresponding colored product labels. (Blush fragrances, for example, feature pink labels). We may introduce them in families, but the 30 scents in our Signature Collection are sold individually. How you stock ’em is up to you! Signature Collection Room and Linen Sprays

How to Bring the Signature Collection Experience to your Store

The Signature Collection turns scent into an experience, but how you share that experience with your customers is up to you. Keep scrolling to explore the possibilities! Blush 44 Candle and Room Spray Pink Pepper Linen and Sandalwood

Find YOUR Signature Scent

We’ve all experienced the power of a signature scent in a retail space. It greets you as soon as you step through the door and it stays with you while you shop. It’s more than just a familiar fragrance; it’s part of that store’s brand experience. With the Signature Collection, you can make fragrance part of your store’s brand experience. Choose a single scent that suits your brand or boutique and use it to create a memorable ambience in your retail space. Your customers will fall in love at first smell… and keep coming back for more! To help, we offer full-size testers that can be used to spread your scent in-store! (Psssst! Ready to take your signature scent to the next level? While the Signature Collection can’t be personalized, it can be a stepping stone to creating a Private Label product that combines the fragrance your customers already love with packaging that is fully customized for your store or brand!) Signature Collection 100% Pure Soy Handpoured Candles

Curate A Collection

Can’t narrow it down to just one scent? You don’t have to! We know that scent isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. That’s why we’ve created a collection that can be custom-tailored for your store and customers. You can carry as many fragrances as you like. Smitten with all five scents in a fragrance family? Stock ’em all! Craving a little taste of everything? Mix and match scents from multiple families to offer your customers scents from all over the spectrum. Here’s some inspiration to help you plan your collection: Seasonal Home Fragrance

Scents for the Seasons

You don’t have to carry the same scents year-round. Rotate fragrances in your collection to offer your customers something fresh for every season! Pictured above: a few of our favorite cozy cold-weather scents come from the Ember and Gourmand fragrance families.

Signature Retail Candle Display

Fresh & Clean

Craving crisp, clean, energizing fragrances? Our Citrine family offers fresh-squeezed citrus scents, while you’ll find invigorating spa smells in Botanical. His and Hers Candles

His & Hers!

Create a collection that caters to guys and girls! Blush scents are fabulously feminine, while Midnight is home to our most masculine fragrances.

Signature Collection Candle Display

A Signature Scent for Everyone!

Help your customers find a signature scent of their own by creating a collection that offers options from each of our six fragrance families! Candle Tins Samples

Experience the Signature Collection!

We want you to experience the Signature Collection for yourself! Our sample kits feature burnable samples and are sold by fragrance family (so you only buy what you want to try!) Start your Signature Collection experience today by filling out our Become a Retailer form.