Identifying what you love about a scent be challenging. That’s why we’ve sorted our thirty Signature Collection fragrances into families that speak to senses other than smell. Meet Blush, Botanical, Citrine, Ember, Gourmand and Midnight.

Diverse, distinct and inspired by instinct, our six fragrance families were thoughtfully designed to help you (and your customers) make sense of our scents. Don’t be afraid to judge a book by its cover: from descriptive fragrance notes to color-coded product labels, use these cues as a shortcut to shopping for scents you’re sure to love.

Use the menus below to explore our fragrance families, or take our Discovery Quiz to find the fragrance family that best suits you.

If glitter is your favorite color, Holly Golightly is your spirit animal, and your idea of DIY is rigging your kitchen sink to dispense champagne instead of tap water, then BLUSH is where you belong!

You may notice some familiar fragrance notes, but don’t get it twisted: these aren’t your grandmother’s florals! This fragrance family puts a modern spin on classic scents. We call ’em BLUSH, but there’s nothing bashful about these five fierce, flirty, and fearlessly feminine fragrances.


BLUSH NO. 44 | Smells like.. love songs, pink fuzzy socks, and staying up late to write in your diary.

BLUSH NO. 45 | Smells like.. spring sunsets, pink petals fluttering down from the trees, and kissing on the first date.

BLUSH NO. 49 | Smells like.. macarons for breakfast, mid-morning bubblebaths, and buying yourself something from Tiffany’s.

BLUSH NO. 55 | Smells like.. wearing a ballgown to the DMV, quoting French poets, and leaving a little sparkle wherever you go.

BLUSH NO. 62 | Smells like..secret crushes, cotton candy lipgloss, and staying out past curfew.

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If morning dew makes you giddy, you consider potted plants to be house pets, and weaving flower crowns has been your side hustle since grade school, then our BOTANICAL fragrance family is the perfect fit for you!

Craving a breath of fresh air? Crisp, clean, and more green than a salad bar, this fragrance family infuses earthy with essential to offer five balanced fragrance blends.


BOTANICAL NO. 28 | Smells like.. candy canes, Christmas movies, and fresh snow twinkling in the moonlight.

BOTANICAL NO. 36 | Smells like.. waterfall showers, watching the sunrise, and being surrounded by green as far as the eye can see.

BOTANICAL NO. 47 | Smells like.. walking barefoot on bluegrass, picking wildflowers, and cicadas chirping on a summer night.

BOTANICAL NO. 57 | Smells like.. sunburned shoulders, afternoon siestas, and mint leaves stuck to melting ice cubes.

BOTANICAL NO. 60 | Smells like.. fresh sheets, sleeping with the windows open, and that expensive French hand cream you use before bed.

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If Vitamin C is your favorite food group, you order bar drinks based on their citrus garnish, and you’ve ever scrubbed a toilet just to bask in the sweet smell of bathroom cleaner, then you’ll feel serene with CITRINE.

Bursting with fresh-squeezed citrus notes, get double the daily dose of zest, zing, and everything in between with these five fragrances.


CITRINE NO. 35 | Smells like.. floppy straw hats, fresh fruit for breakfast, and daydreaming about that week in Santorini.

CITRINE NO. 37 | Smells like..summer nights, dancing under string lights, and an extra spritz of that perfume you save for special occasions.

CITRINE NO. 39 | Smells like.. holiday sangria, Christmas oranges, and finding the sweet spot between naughty and nice.

CITRINE NO. 40 | Smells like.. a clean house, a full glass of wine, and not feeling the slightest bit guilty for canceling plans.

CITRINE NO. 41 | Smells like..lemon gelato, Vespa rides, and going shopping for groceries but buying a bouquet of fresh flowers instead.

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If you like sleeping with the windows open on cool fall nights, can get a contact high from a campfire a mile away, and often find yourself uttering the phrase ‘I’m gonna put on some music to set the mood,’ then our EMBER scents will light your fire!

Exotic woods and opulent oriental notes intertwine in five unique scents that are sure to ignite discovery and satisfy your scentsual wanderlust. Aromatic adventure awaits!


EMBER NO. 32 | Smells like.. love spells, full moons, and making magic.

EMBER NO. 33 | Smells like.. midnight frost, bath brooms, and a hot cedar sauna on a cold winter night.

EMBER NO. 50 | Smells like.. an empty jazz bar, a smooth talking stranger, and dancing through last call.

EMBER NO. 53 | Smells like.. leaves crunching under your feet, air so cold it stings to breathe, and autumn scavenger hunts in the woods.

EMBER NO. 59 | Smells like..mulled wine, old movies, and warming up by the fire.

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If you consider ‘cozy’ a lifestyle (and not just an adjective to describe a pair of fuzzy socks), force-feeding homemade meals to your friends is your love language, and you’ve ever bailed on plans because you’d rather stay home and bake banana bread, then you’ll feel right at home with GOURMAND.

Craving comfort? These five fresh-from-the-kitchen fragrances will satisfy your sweet tooth (and your need to knead)


GOURMAND NO. 46 | Smells like.. front porch sitting, catching up with an old friend, and sippin’ sweet tea from a sweaty glass on a summer night.

GOURMAND NO. 48 | Smells like.. sleeping in, Sunday brunch, and when that first sip hits.

GOURMAND NO. 52 | Smells like.. ocean breeze, drinks on the beach, and fresh shaved coconut over a dollop of whipped cream.

GOURMAND NO. 54 | Smells like.. pumpkin spice lattes, cable knit sweaters, and shopping for gourds on the first day of fall.

GOURMAND NO. 56 | Smells like.. farmers markets, flannel picnic blankets, and slipping a little something extra into your mug of spiced cider.

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If thunderstorms and paperback thrillers make you swoon, you dab on men’s cologne before a night out, and your favorite pastime is inventing backstories for strangers you see on the train, then you’ll go mad for MIDNIGHT.

Intriguingly rich, full of character, and brimming with mystery, these five fragrances are sure to satisfy your desire for the delightfully dark and set a new standard for sophistication.


MIDNIGHT NO. 43 | Smells like.. creaky floorboards, howling winds, and staying up late with a page-turner.

MIDNIGHT NO. 51 | Smells like.. unsolved mysteries, a crackling fire, and Miss Scarlet in the conservatory with the candlestick.

MIDNIGHT NO. 58 | Smells like.. black liquorice, after dinner drinks, and things that go bump in the night.

MIDNIGHT NO. 61 | Smells like.. plot twists, handsome strangers, and taking chances.

MIDNIGHT NO. 63 | Smells like.. midnight storms, sideways glances, and sneaking suspicions.

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