Scents for Summer!

Scents for Summer!

It’s getting hot in here! With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to bring a little heat to your Neighborhood collection.

Last week we showed you how seasonal candle names can be tailored to celebrate summer anywhere — from Fireflies & Starry Skies to Good Times & Tan Lines! (Need to recap? Find last week’s blog post here!)

This week, we’re focusing on fragrance! Keep scrolling to see our favorite scents for summertime…

Fragrance No. 22

  • Fragrance Notes: Grapefruit & Lemon Verbena

  • Smells Like: Fresh Cut Fruit 🍊 Summer Punch 🍹 and Fun in the Sun ☀️

  • What to Call It: The perfect blend of sweet and sour citrus notes, Fragrance No. 22 is a playful scent that packs a serious punch. Top off this tangy blend with a sassy slogan, like… Namaste Six Feet Away or Tropic Like It’s Hot.

Fragrance No. 9

  • Fragrance Notes: Meadowgrass, Bergamot & Freesia

  • Smells Like: Dewy Grass 🌱 Summer Picnics 👒 and Fields of Wildflowers 💐

  • What to Call It: Packed with fresh-cut florals, one whiff of Fragrance No. 9 will have you crooning ‘the hillllls are alive with the sound of music.’ Pair this potent scent with a name that sets the mood for frolicking through grassy fields and wearing flower crowns, like… Barefoot Summer or Prairie Dreamin’.

Fragrance No. 12

  • Fragrance Notes: Coconut, Wood Bark & Amber

  • Smells Like: Beach Days 🏖️ Piña Coladas 🥥 and Working on Your Tan 👙

  • What to Call It: Beach off limits? Find paradise anywhere with Fragrance No. 12! Featuring lush coconut balanced with warm woods and amber, this tropical blend delivers a much-needed dose of Vitamin Sea. Make this scent the perfect escape by pairing it with an oasis-inspired name, like… Sea la Vie or Sunkissed.

Fragrance No. 24

  • Fragrance Notes: Leather, Tobacco, Amber & Musk

  • Smells Like: Starry Nights ✨ Camping Trips 🏕️ and Bonfires on the Beach 🔥

  • What to Call It: Summer isn’t all fruit salads and fresh-cut flowers. If you’re craving a scent for when the sun goes down and the stars come out, look no further: Fragrance No. 24 is the perfect after-dark aroma for sizzling summer nights. Give this Dark and Stormy staple a name that’s just as moody as it is, like… Bonfire on the Beach or Dancing in the Moonlight.