Share Your Light: Meet the Ella B. Candles Family (and their Signature Scents!)

Share Your Light: Meet the Ella B. Candles Family (and their Signature Scents!)

A few weeks ago we surveyed our staff members, asking them to pick their favorites from the 30 fragrances in our new Signature Collection. At the time we thought this would be a fun way to illustrate how the Signature Collection offered something for everyone; how it made scent a uniquely personal experience. But as the world around us has changed, we realized that we had a much more important story to tell.

Ella B. Candles has always empowered retailers (like you!) to Share Your Light. As we focus on coming together in this time of unprecedented circumstances, we believe sharing your light is more important than ever. That’s why we want to share the faces and stories that light up our home (aka the ‘Hive’).

This is the Ella B. Candles family. These are the personalities that set us apart and the scents that bring us together.

Meet Aimeé! She’s one of our boxer bees (which means she works on preparing orders to be shipped your way!) Packaging candles may put her guns to good use, but those impressive biceps aren’t just for tying bows: when she’s not spreading smiles around the Hive, Aimeé teaches fitness classes. Our resident aerobee loves Blush No. 45 because it’s “crisp and clean with a hint of musk.”

If you’ve ever phoned the Hive, you’ve probably spoken with this smooth operator. His name is Vincent (but in a pinch he’ll also respond to ‘Victor’ or ‘that guy’), and he works alongside Tassy to head up our sales team. Don’t let the tough guy appearance fool ya: he’s a big softy (and has been known to treat his fellow bees with homemade soaps and candies!) Vincent loves Midnight No. 61: “It’s bold, but relaxing. Like enjoying a good bourbon in your favorite leather chair in front of a fireplace.”

We didn’t know how much we needed an ‘office mom’ until we met Liz. She’s the unconditional cheerleader we all need, the fountain of wisdom we turn to, and the streak of sass that keeps the Hive buzzing. Her laugh will bring a smile to your face even if you missed the joke, and her little notes of encouragement can bring sunshine to any rainy day. Liz loves the main fragrance note in Gourmand No. 52 (“COCONUT!”), adding: “It’s sweet but still mellow and not overpowering or cloying.”

Here at the Hive, we pour all of our candles in house and by hand. At the helm of this operation is Laurie. In addition to pouring thousands of candles each week, Laurie keeps our (non-candle) glasses full with Office quotes and her eclectic ringtone choices. Laurie’s signature scent is Citrine No. 35: “I love the clean combination of citron and the hints of floral.”

Meet Paige! This lover of cats (and music that is just slightly too obscure for the Hive’s Pandora playlist) heads up our pour room, working alongside pour-pro Laurie and our faithful wax machine Bessie to produce the quality products you count on from Ella B. Candles! Paige loves Ember No. 53: “It smells just like a Christmas tree! It’s so amazing that I burn it year-round!”

Linda is all about keeping it low-key — from her low-key crucial job at the Hive (preparing supplies for boxers so that our production process can flow seamlessly), to her low-key hilarious comedic timing (she had us all in tears at the staff Christmas party). While low-key may be her style, we high-key couldn’t do what we do without her. Linda’s signature scent is Botanical No. 36: “A happy scent. It puts a smile on my face!”