They call it candle season for a reason: Neighborhood retail partners triple their candle sales during the holiday months! Capitalize on the Christmas craze by creating unique candle gifts that are custom-tailored for your customers! Here’s how:

seasonal scents

Our Neighborhood fragrance menu features three fabulously festive Christmas scents that can added to your personalized collection. Pick your favorite (or add all three — the more the merrier!)

get creative

Personalized names are what set the candles in your Neighborhood collection apart — and your holiday additions are no exception! Pair our holiday scents with creative candles names that will resonate with your customers this holiday season!

home for the holidays

You can’t go wrong with holiday candle names inspired by home sweet home:

  • Christmas in the Carolinas
  • Lowcountry Christmas
  • Cajun Christmas
  • Coastal Christmas
  • New England Holiday
  • tongue in cheek treats

    Create unique treats by adding local flavor to festive phrases:

  • Baby it’s Warm Outside
  • Jingle Shells
  • ‘Tis the Sea Sun
  • Merry-achi Christmas
  • Sandbar Santa
  • Heaux Heaux Heaux
  • Sand is the New Snow
  • branch out

    The Christmas classics are a great place to start — but don’t stop there! Check out other holiday treats you can stock this season:

  • Definiton Holiday
  • Merry & Bright
  • No2

    cinnamon & nutmeg
    ribbon options:


    birchwood & evergreen bark
    ribbon options:


    cranberry, mandarin & clove
    ribbon options: