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Known for its picturesque tree-lined streets and palatial estates, the Myers Park neighborhood epitomized effortless elegance and class — the same attributes that we wanted to embody in candle form. So, when we poured our very first batch of candles in 2011, we named them after Myers Park. The name wasn’t just a nod to a cool neighborhood in our hometown; it was our way of elevating a small product into a larger experience.

Ella B Candles Evolution
The evolution of the Myers Park candle, from past to present

It was a simple concept, but it clicked. Myers Park candles were flying off the shelves, and soon we were fielding requests for candles named after other neighborhoods around Charlotte — first Dilworth, then Plaza Midwood and South Park.

Each addition was accompanied by a new fragrance inspired by its namesake. Sophisticated South End was matched with Sandalwood and Cashmere, while eclectic NoDa was paired with Tuberose, Musk and Patchouli.

And just like that, the Neighborhood line was born.

As we grew beyond Charlotte, we partnered with retailers to create new personalized candle collections that told the story of their cities and towns. Today locally-inspired iterations of the Neighborhood line can be found across the country, and our original Myers Park fragrance has been reimagined from Kennebunk to Ketchikan and beyond.

Our little candle collection has grown into something greater than we ever could have imagined, but we still see each candle’s name as part of a greater experience.

The Neighborhood line features twenty-seven fabulous fragrances. From fruity to floral and aquatic to exotic, we’ve got scents to satisfy every sniffer. You’ll start your collection by selecting your favorites, then assigning each scent its own name.

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Personalized candle names are what set your Neighborhood collection apart! Get creative and give your candles unique names that will resonate with YOUR customers.

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Neighborhood candles are available in three sizes, giving you even more ways to custom-tailor your collection for your customers.

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