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When your personalized portal is ready, you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to log in and create a password.

check your spam folder! and while you’re there, now’s a good time to add to your approved sender list.

got another inbox? log in instructions will be sent to your primary email address. Need to make an update? Let us know!

new to the neighborhood? your portal is under construction. Rest assured it will be ready before it’s time to re-order!

has it been a minute? if it’s been over a year since your last re-order, your account may be inactive. Give us a buzz to talk next steps.

Another way to log in: if your welcome email is MIA, you can try clicking the link below to request a one-time log in link. If there is an account associated with your email address, you’ll receive instructions for accessing your portal. (Once you’re logged in, don’t forget to create a password for next time!)

Still having trouble getting connected? If you haven’t received a welcome email and the tips above didn’t help, request an update here.

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To make shopping easy, we’ve sorted products into catalogues. When you log in to your portal, you’ll see a navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This displays the product catalogues you have access to.

  • Ready-to-Order: your portal comes pre-loaded with Ready-to-Order catalogues (like Definition and campaign collections). These catalogues are available to all Neighborhood retailers, and feature generic products that are ready to stock with a single click!

  • Your Collection: you should also see your store’s name towards the bottom of the navigation menu. This is your store’s private, personalized catalogue, created just for you based on the products you’ve ordered in the past!

There are a few ways to sort through the products in your personalized catalogue:

  • Use the search bar (located in the top right corner) to look up products by name
  • Use the sort by dropdown to reorganize your collection
  • Switch between list and photo view to make browsing easier

In addition to your store’s personalized collection, you have access to Ready-to-Order catalogues! These collections provide generic, non-personalized products that you can stock with a single click.

  • Stock up Stress Free: our campaign collections take the guesswork out of stocking great gifts for any occasion!

  • Great for Gifting: because they don’t feature a personalized bottom line, Ready-to-Order products can be gifted beyond city limits!

  • Stay Up to Date: we’ll rotate our campaign catalogues throughout the year to offer fresh ideas for every season; Definition and Essentials are available year-round.

FYI: all Ready-to-Order Neighborhood products are offered with Bee and Paper labels. Be sure to select the option that matches the rest of your collection when ordering:

First, try searching for the product by name (using the search bar in the top right corner) to make sure it’s not just hiding. If you’re still not able to find the product, you can recreate it using the Create A Candle tool.

NOTE: if you’re unsure about something (like fragrance or ribbon color), don’t just guess! Use the contact form here to give us a buzz before submitting your order so we can help confirm any missing product details.

Oops! If you notice an error with one of the products in your collection, reach out using the contact form here so we can help make any necessary corrections before you order.

The Create A Candle tool allows you to start from scratch and create a new product to add to your order. Once your order has been processed, that candle will be added to your collection so you can easily re-order in the future!

Here’s your step by step guide to creating a candle:

1. Select Create a Candle from the lefthand navigation menu

2. Select a base product for your creation. Base products are organized by size, then bow type

3. Once you’ve selected a base product, you’ll be able to use the Create a Candle options to fully customize your creation:

As you configure your candle, keep in mind:

  • Candle Name: Keep it short and sweet. To ensure that your candle name fits within the print area on our labels, we suggest limiting text to 36 characters or less (including spaces). Feel free to include numbers, punctuation, and the following special characters: @#&♥
  • Bottom Line: Keep it local. The bottom line adds your City or State directly beneath your personalized candle name. You MUST choose one of the following three options; NO subsitutions will be accepted. Match the formatting of the examples provided.
    • City, ST – Example: “New Orleans, LA” (must include the state)
    • State – Example: “Louisiana
    • No Bottom Line – If you don’t want a bottom line, type “NBL

4. If you’d like to add Sidekicks or a Tester to your order, you can select a new base product from the Related Products section and configure it to match your new creation:

When you submit an order, please keep in mind that the subtotal shown does not include shipping and handling charges. These charges will be added when we process your order.

Keep an eye on your inbox (or portal) for updates.

If you just placed an order, sit tight: your invoice isn’t ready yet.

Once your order has been processed and sent to production, we’ll generate a PDF invoice reflecting your updated order total (including shipping charges) and shoot a copy to your inbox.

You can also download invoices directly from your portal: go to your Order History, select an order that has already been processed, and look for the invoice download link.

Can’t find an invoice? Contact us.

Sure! By default, invoices are sent directly to your inbox once your order has been processed. If you’d like us to send a copy to someone else (i.e. to your billing or accounting department), you can easily add a recipient in the portal.

Go to your Account and click the Email Settings tab.


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