Instantly recognizable, impossible to forget. That’s the power of a signature scent, and that’s the inspiration behind Signature Collection.

Driven by scent and designed to speak to all the senses, Signature Collection offers a new way to make scent personal. Bring this unique home fragrance experience to your brand or business: find your signature scent and create a memorable ambience in your retail space, or curate a collection with multiple fragrances and invite your customers to find a signature scent of their own.

For a limited time bring a new seasonal scent experience to your retail space with FROST: a Signature Collection exclusive.

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Identifying what you love about a scent be challenging. That’s why we’ve sorted our thirty Signature Collection fragrances into families that speak to senses other than smell. Meet Blush, Botanical, Citrine, Ember, Gourmand and Midnight.

Diverse, distinct and inspired by instinct, our six fragrance families were thoughtfully designed to help you (and your customers) make sense of our scents. Don’t be afraid to judge a book by its cover: from descriptive fragrance notes to color-coded product labels, use these cues as a shortcut to shopping for scents you’re sure to love.

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The Signature Collection turns scent into an experience, but how you share that experience with your customers is up to you. What role does scent play in your space? Choose a signature scent to create a memorable ambience within your retail space, or curate a collection that invites your customers to find a signature scent of their own. Click here to explore the possibilities.

Whether you carry one for all… or all for one, the Signature Collection harnesses the power of scent to bring an attainable luxury experience to any space. Your experience begins by filling out our Become a Retailer form.