When we poured our first batch of candles in 2011, we named each scent after a neighborhood in our hometown. The concept clicked, and soon we were partnering with retailers near and far to create locally-inspired candle collections that told the story of their cities and towns.

As we watched our Neighborhood candles evolve to tell countless stories across the country, we realized that local love doesn’t end at the county line. There was another story waiting to be told, and we wanted to help tell it. So we created Well Stated.

While Neighborhood products can always be custom-tailored to celebrate the colors and colloquialisms of home, Well Stated offers a way to take state pride to the next level — in a package that can be sold side by side with your existing line!

Featuring nostalgic artwork paired with playful taglines, this state-inspired product line is the quintessential companion for your Neighborhood collection: similar enough to share shelf-space, enhanced by details designed to stand out.

The Neighborhood line features twenty-seven fragrances, and you start your local collection by hand-picking your favorites then giving them names. With Well Stated, we’ve simplified the equation: pre-designed artwork for all fifty states, available in one fabulous fragrance.

By pairing Well Stated products with an exclusive new fragrance, we give retailers the opportunity to bring a new scent to their local line without reinventing the (fragrance) wheel.

The Well Stated line was created to celebrate home — but not everyone celebrates the same way. That’s why we offer multiple pre-designed artwork options for every state. Whether your customers have a taste for the traditional or a hankering for something snarky, Well Stated is sure to make local love a home run!

Well Stated was designed to share shelf-space with your Neighborhood line, so it only makes sense that we offer this colorful collection in the same vessel options that your customers already know and love.

Let’s start with The OG (boxed 11oz jar). The backbone of any local line, this classic is available in two configurations: Standard packaging offers the perfect match for your Neighborhood collection, while our Premium upgrade adds flashy features (like a black rigid box and white glass vessel) to make your state the star of the show.

New for 2020, Well Stated is also available in two snack-sized vessel options: The Sidekick (3oz boxed votive) and The Stowaway (8oz travel tin).

Q: I already carry the Neighborhood line in my store. Can I sell Well Stated too?

A: YES! If you carry the Neighborhood line in your store, you’re a Local retailer. As a Local retailer, you have automatic access to the Well Stated line and can start stocking state-inspired designs on your shelves right away — no opening order required!


Q: I don’t currently carry any Ella B. Candles product lines in my store, but I’m interested in Well Stated. What are my options?

A: You can access our Neighborhood and Well Stated product lines by becoming a Local retailer. Click here for more information.


Q: Can Well Stated products be personalized?

A: No. Unlike the Neighborhood line, Well Stated products are not personalizable. Designs come as you see ’em, and details — like the artwork, tagline text, and ribbon color — cannot be altered.


Q: Can I choose a different fragrance?

A: No. Well Stated products are only available in Fragrance No. 35 (White Flower, Citron & Bergamot).


Q: Where can I see artwork options available for my state?

A: Click here to browse all available designs. (Pssst! To keep wholesale pricing private, this content is password protected. If you’ve got a copy of our Neighborhood catalogue handy, you can find the password printed on page 31. Otherwise, email us for access!)