Customers in your community may be staying in, but they’re still looking for ways to support local businesses (like you!) and stock up on the products they love. Our new Direct Ship service is one of the ways we can help stores that are temporarily closed, or seeing reduced traffic due to COVID-19.

While some Ella B. Candles retailers are equipped to fulfill online orders, we know that many of our partners rely solely on in-store sales. For retailers that don’t have an established online storefront, our Direct Ship service offers a way for your store to fulfill orders online while social distancing.

With Direct Ship you can sell Ella B. Candles products on demand (without having to stock inventory or worry about coordinating local delivery!), and your customers can enjoy their favorite Ella B. Candles products delivered to their door!

1. Use Your Platform to Sell – You don’t need to set up a fancy web store to sell Ella B. Candles products online! Use your existing social media platform or website to list products for sale. You’ll handle the transaction and payment — we’ll handle the rest!

Since Direct Ship orders are shipped on demand, you’re not limited to selling what you’ve got in stock on your shelves. You can offer any Neighborhood candles that you’ve carried (11oz only). You can also add new products to your collection. (Looking for add-on inspo? Check out our Stay Home collection!)

(Psst! Need product photos? We can help with that, too!)

2. Tell Us What You Need – Once you’ve received payment from your customer, you’ll fill out our Direct Ship form. This is where you’ll tell us what product(s) your customer ordered and their shipping details. (Because this service is only available to Ella B. Candles retailers, the form is password protected. Need help accessing the form? Give us a call at 980.339.8898)

3. We’ll Ship it Out – You won’t have to lift a finger to fulfill your online order! We’ll prepare the items ordered and ship them directly to your customer.

4. We’ll Add it to Your Tab – Our Direct Ship service allows you to order on demand, meaning you don’t need to worry about stocking up (or running out) of inventory during this uncertain time.

When you submit an order with our Direct Ship form, we’ll charge the normal wholesale price for any items ordered (plus shipping and handling fee) to the payment method on file. (Need to update your payment method? Give us a call!)