Our Rainbow Just Got Brighter!

With ribbon upgrades available in every shade of the rainbow, adding a little Local Color to your Neighborhood collection has always been a piece of cake. But at Ella B. Candles, celebrating the Hues of Home goes beyond the bright bows on our boxes.

By sourcing materials made in the USA, we are able to empower domestic manufacturers while providing quality products that our retail partners can count on. In an ongoing effort to prioritize American makers whenever possible, we’ve recently revised our ribbon rainbow to source some colors closer to home.

We didn’t reinvent the color wheel, but we have made some changes. Keep scrolling to meet our favorite hues (both old and new)! 🌈🎁

Crushing on Corals? 🎀 Add pops of peachy pink to your Neighborhood collection with colored ribbon upgrades in these must-have hues! 🍑

Shown Here: our NEW Coral Rose ribbon joins fan favorites Coral Ice (formerly called Peach) and Living Coral (formerly Light Coral).

Eye-catching colored ribbon is the perfect way to make your Neighborhood candles stand out! 🧡🍊(Orange you just smitten with these bright, bold shades?! 😍)

Shown here: Yellow Gold (formerly Light Gold), Torrid Orange, Ginger (formerly Old Gold) and Daffodil.

Looking for shades that’ll stay in style, no matter the season? 🌱☀️🍁🌲These fresh greens are sure to please year-round! 💚

Shown here: Lucite (formerly Mint), Kiwi and Emerald.

You don’t have to be Picasso to dig the blues 🎨 Bring your own personalized Blue Period to your Neighborhood collection with our palette of beautiful hues! 💙

We’ve added a NEW blue to our rainbow! Introducing: Royal Blue! 💙 (Sound familiar? If you’re looking for the ribbon formerly known as Royal, don’t worry — our brightest blue is still available under a new name: Electric Blue ⚡)

From blue skies to blue jeans, use colored ribbon to capture ALL the Hues of Home 🌈🏡

Shown here: Sky Blue, Bluebird (formerly Wisteria) and Light Blue.

We’ve added to our ribbon rainbow, and these new hues are coming up roses! 🌹 Peruse our freshly-picked pinks, available exclusively in luxurious double faced satin! 🎀

Shown here: Pink Blush, Rosewater, Pink Sand and Palomino!

Our ribbon rainbow isn’t limited to ROYGBIV 🌈 For beyond-the-spectrum sophistication, try these luxe neutrals.

Shown here: Chardonnay (formerly Champagne), Natural and Toffee Shimmer.


Local is the New Black

The Hive can’t thrive without YOU!

We partner with small businesses across the country, but everywhere we go, we keep it local. We’re counting down to Small Business Saturday by sharing the ways we support our small business partners!

We want to equip your business with all of the tools you need to succeed. From signage that can be added to your in-store display to marketing support for your online storefront, we’re here to make Ella B. Candles your bestselling line. Learn more about how we’ll help you build a beautiful store display here!

Because we don’t sell the Neighborhood Line online, we’ll never be in competition with our retailers. Instead, when a customer comes to us looking for a product, we’ll be sure to send them your way! We’ve designed tools for our website to help customers find you — like our Find a Fragrance tool, and our Store Locater.

Since launching in 2011, Ella B. Candles partnered with retailers all across the country. We’re so thankful, grateful and blessed to call you part of our extended family.

Move over, Black Friday! If you ask us, Local is the New Black… and we consider Small Business Saturday the most significant shopping day of the holiday season. This weekend is all about KEEPING IT LOCAL. 🖤

Anatomy of a Store Display

How do YOU display Ella B. Candles in your store?

That’s the question we invited our retail partners to answer with this past summer’s Store Display Contest. We were overwhelmed by the amazing entries that we received — and by the creative ways that our retail partners display Ella B. Candles in their stores. (Check out contest winner Yours & Meyn, pictured above!)

With our second Store Display contest currently underway (go enter!), we couldn’t think of a better time to explore the anatomy of a great store display. This week, we’re sharing tips for displaying Ella B. Candles throughout your store — and throughout the seasons.

What’s in a Name?

Before we can get into the nitty gritty of building a great store display for your Neighborhood candles, we think we should go back to where it all started: with a candle that needed a name.

When we poured our first batch of candles in 2011, we knew we had to pick a name just as fabulous as the fragrance we used. We thought it smelled expensive… so we called it ‘Myers Park,’ after the ritzy neighborhood in our native Charlotte, NC. The concept of naming candles after neighborhoods stuck. Soon our collection expanded to include other hot spots around our hometown, and just like that the Neighborhood Line was born.

The Local Candle… EVERYWHERE!

Today the Ella B. Candles Neighborhood Line can be found across the country, and the names of our favorite fragrances have been reimagined for countless locales. While the candle names may vary from town to town, the concept is always the same: local candles, personalized for wherever you are.

Whether we’re working with a retailer in Beverly Hills, California or a small beach town in our home state of North Carolina, every Neighborhood collection begins with identifying the locations and places that matter most to your customers. That local flair — combined with our signature gift-ready packaging — is what immediately sets our candles apart.

We believe in Keeping it Local and empowering the small businesses and boutiques that sell our candles. One of the ways we do that is with complimentary store display signs, provided to every Ella B. Candles retail partner.

Thanks to their compact size and pop-out easel-back, our ‘Shop Local’ signs can be easily displayed anywhere in your store. Whether you use the sign as a centerpiece for your candle display, or to catch your customers’ attention in other parts of your store, we’ve designed display signs that work for you!

Love at First Sniff

Locally-inspired names and gift-ready packaging set our candles apart on your shelf.. but great fragrance is what seals the deal. Our Neighborhood Line gives you 27 fabulous fragrances to choose from, and there’s no limit to how many scents you can choose for your collection.

One of the top questions we get asked is — “what scents sell best?” Because we know it can be daunting to sniff through all 27 fragrance options when planning your opening order, we’ve tried to take out some of the guess work by highlighting our best-selling scents.

But here’s the thing: scent is subjective, and your customers’ preferences can change with the seasons. Pay attention to what (and who!) your customers are shopping for, and remember that your favorite fragrance might not be the scent your customers are shopping for.

Scents that Sell!

We know that a candle’s scent is just as important as the name on the front of the box. After all, your customers will be burning this fragrance in their home long after they’ve tossed the box.

Since scent can be a deciding factor when purchasing a candle, we decided the fragrance deserved top-billing on our packaging. That’s why we feature fragrance notes on the back label of every boxed candle.

Fragrance notes aren’t just on the box to be informative; they’re also a selling tool. Designed to mirror the style of our front labels, the fragrance note labels adhere to a clean, simple aesthetic.

Want to introduce a little variety in your store display? Flaunting the fragrance notes is another great way to catch your customers’ attention, so consider alternating the boxes in your display to showcase the front and back labels.

Inspiration for Every Season!

Personalizing your Neighborhood line doesn’t end with naming candles after local haunts. Every season brings a new opportunity to answer the call on your customers’ gift-giving needs. Consider what occasions and holidays your customers are shopping for, then get creative!

From honoring the Graduating Class to welcoming Sweater Weather, make your Neighborhood collection the one-stop shop for unique gifts every season.

Seasonal offerings aren’t just a great way to increase sales…they’ll also keep your display fresh year-round!

‘Tis the Season to Switch Things Up

Going beyond local with candle names isn’t the only way to think outside of the box with your Neighborhood line! Our candles look fabulous when displayed together… but they won’t get separation anxiety if you spread them out around your store.

Reach more customers and take the guesswork out of gifting by merchandising your season-specific candles with similar items in themed vignettes or displays.

Got a fall tablescape or holiday hostess gift station? Pop in a few of your fall bestsellers! Does your shop have a designated spot for birthday cards and quickie gifts? See if your Happy Birthday candles sell better there!

And don’t forget stocking stuffers! Our tins and 3oz boxed votives make the perfect add-on, so consider displaying these merry little minis by the cash register to catch the eye of last-minute shoppers that might have otherwise missed them.

Making little moves can lead to big results, so don’t be afraid to switch things up!

Keep it Fresh!

A great store display isn’t just about the visuals. With Ella B. Candles you can catch your customers’ attention before they’ve even caught of glimpse of your display! How? With testers!

We want your customers to fall in love at first smell, and that’s why we encourage our retail partners to burn their testers in-store. Seeing (and smelling!) your Neighborhood candles in action can drive sales… and make your store smell great!

We’ve already stressed the importance of merchandising candles around your store, and the same suggestions apply to testers: place them strategically in locations where they can make the greatest impact on your customers.

Does your shop have a bathroom? Keep it smelling fresh with a tester! Are you a furniture store? Consider incorporating testers in the display for that new living room set. Sell bath or spa products? Add a candle to the display to set the mood for relaxation!

There are plenty of ways to get creative with testers, but keep in mind that fresh sells best! If your testers are looking worse for the wear, make a note of what scents need to be replaced — then be sure to include those the next time you reorder!

Tell Your (Scent) Story

If you’re an Ella B. Candles retailer, you’re already familiar with the Neighborhood concept: pick your favorite fragrances and give them locally-inspired names to create a candle collection that is custom-tailored for your hometown. But… what if you want to think outside of the Neighborhood?

You aren’t limited to street names and parts of town. There are plenty of ways to expand your collection, from sweet sentiments to sassy taglines. We love to see how our retailers get creative when naming the candles in their collections, and we want to inspire you to explore the possibilities. With 27 fragrances and a full spectrum of colored ribbons to choose from, there are endless ways to tell your story. Here are some of our favorite creative pairings.

No. 26 – Sandalwood & Cashmere; a fabulously feminine fragrance that is soft, sweet, and undeniably chic. From She’s Boujee to Bubble Bath, our retailers have used No. 26 to celebrate all of our favorite things. Think Pink and pair this sweet scent with an appropriately hued ribbon. Featured above: Azalea, Hot Pink, Pink, and Light Pink (all available in grosgrain and satin options).

No. 27 – Cilantro, Orange and Myrrh; packed full of citrusy goodness, this fragrance is like a freshly cleaned kitchen packed into a little glass jar. Use No. 27 to remind your customers of what they love most: coming home, relaxing, and those Easy Sunday Mornings. Compliment 27’s citrus vibes with a zesty ribbon. Featured above: Lime, Kiwi, and Chartreuse (all available in grosgrain and satin options).

No. 23 – Spearmint, Peppermint & Eucalyptus; a fragrance that is just as minty-fresh as your breath on a first date. Pair this cooler than cool fragrance with names that are equally dazzling: Man in Uniform or So Fresh, So Clean. Keep it Chill with an icy-cold colored ribbon. Featured above: Teal, Mint, Aquamarine, and Aqua (all available in grosgrain and satin options).

No. 22 – Grapefruit & Lemon Verbena; the aromatic equivalent of a hundred rays of sunshine. This warm and fruity fragrance smells like sunsets, summer nights and fun drinks — the perfect way to say Oh, Happy Day! To top it off, explore our sunset-hued ribbon choices. Displayed above: Raisin, Currant, Old Gold, Torrid Orange and Gold (all available in grosgrain and satin options), and Dark Coral and Rust (available in satin only).

No. 18 – Lavender & Sweet Clover; relax and unwind with dreamy swirls of soothing and sweet. Whether you’re longing for a Spa Day or Sweet Dreams, this fragrance will lull you away to your Happy Place. For an extra dose of Vitamin Sleep, add a cozy colored ribbon. Displayed above: Regal, Purple, Iris, Wisteria and Orchid (all available in grosgrain and satin options).


Make Your Customers Fall in Love with Ella B. Candles!

It’s no secret that the holiday season is the hottest time of the year for candle sales (in fact, Ella B. Candles retailers TRIPLE candle sales at Christmas time!) While there’s no denying that a cozy candle is the perfect cold-weather treat, we want your Ella B. Candles to be bestsellers every season.

Here are some tips to keep your candles flying off the shelves all year long!

  1. Keep it Fresh – fresh testers, that is! We want your customers to fall in love at first smell, and replacing your in-store testers annually is the best way to ensure that the Ella B. Candles in your collection stay fresh, fragrant, and always pass the sniff-test. Time for an upgrade? Add testers to your next re-order to keep your store display looking (and smelling) fresh!

  1. Think Seasonal! If your Neighborhood favorites just aren’t flying off the shelves the way they used to, consider giving your customers something new to get excited about. Season-inspired candles are always top sellers, and with warm weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to add a splash of summer to your Neighborhood collection. Need a little inspo? Visit our Instagram @EllaBCandles to see how other retailers are using Ella B. Candles to celebrate summer in their hometowns!
  1. It’s All About that Display! How do Ella B. Candles fit into your store display? If your current configuration isn’t catching your customers’ attention, it may be time to get creative and rearrange. Our candles won’t suffer separation anxiety if you spread them out around your store. In fact, our retailers often report a boost in sales when they include Ella B. Candles in themed store displays and vignettes. So if your store has a Happy Birthday aisle or a Wedding Season end-cap, consider adding a candle or two!
  1. Speaking of Special Occasions… as an Ella B. Candles retailer, you have full access to our Custom Candle program. Whether your customers are shopping for personalized wedding favors or branded corporate gifts, we’ll work with you to turn their vision into a reality and create the perfect custom candle for any occasion. (Bonus: since there’s no inventory requirement, custom candle orders are a great way to boost sales and grow profits without losing shelf space!) What are you waiting for? Pitch custom candles to your customers today! (Click here to learn more about custom candles!)

  1. Sell Online? You can reach even more customers by adding Ella B. Candles to your online inventory! We’ll help get you web-ready with personalized stock images of the candles in your collection. (Shoot an email to madeline@ellabcandles.com to request your stock photos!)

These are just a few of the creative ways that our retailers keep the Ella B. Candles fire burning, but we know that every business is different. That’s why we’re committed to figuring out what works for you and your business.

We are Family

At Ella B. Candles, family has always come first. Our company was born in our home, as a project to teach our daughters how to develop a product line. When we made the decision for Christopher to leave IBM to grow Ella B. Candles full time, we knew that it wasn’t just the four of us anymore. We were starting a new family; a work family.

As our work family has grown, we’ve carried over a lot of the values and traditions that we have in our own home. Here at the Hive, we aren’t separated by offices or cubicle walls. We work side by side, constantly in communication.

Every member of our family is a unique individual with gifts and needs and fears and hopes. We’ve shared stories and prayers; laughter and tears; moments of triumph and hardship. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve faced it together – as a family.

There’s a special bond that is forged when you work together. This is not a solo gig; every piece of the puzzle matters. From the first wax chips that are melted to the last bow that gets tied, so many hands touch every order. We all bring something a little bit different to the table, but when we come together, we create something beautiful. And if you ask us, that’s the kind of family worth celebrating.