Home for the Holidays: Christmas 2020

There’s No Place Like HOME for the Holidays!

They call it candle season for a reason: our retail partners triple their candle sales during the cold weather months. Now more than ever, remind your customers that home is the happiest place to be for the holidays with locally-inspired seasonal additions for your Neighborhood candle line!

Seasonal Scents + Festive Phrases = Your Christmas Creation

Available exclusively during the holiday season, our three seasonal fragrance options come pre-loaded with holiday cheer: each scent features its own complimentary colored ribbon upgrade and our holiday swag on the label! Click here to view our Neighborhood Holiday fragrance options, then make them your own by pairing them with personalized candle names. Here are some of our favorites:

Christmas Classics:

  • Trim the Tree
  • Ho Ho Ho
  • Merry and Bright
  • Santa Baby
  • Naughty or Nice?

Funny Favorites:

  • Fa-La-La Fabulous
  • Namasleigh
  • All the Jingle Ladies
  • Too Lit to Quit
  • Meowy Christmas
  • Naughty is the new Nice
  • Gangsta Wrapper

Holiday Spirits:

  • Prosec-Ho Ho Ho
  • Dreaming of a Wine Christmas
  • Mistletoe & Mimosas
  • Ho Ho Ho, Pass the Merlot

No Place Like Home:

  • Christmas in the Carolinas
  • Cajun Christmas
  • Heaux Heaux Heaux
  • Merry-achi Christmas

Holiday in the Sun:

  • Coastal Christmas
  • Jingle Shells
  • Seas and Greetings
  • ‘Tis the Sea Sun

Whose Line is it Anyways:

  • Smiling is my Favorite!
  • You Go Glen Coco
  • Fra-GEE-Lay
  • Bah Humbug
  • Ya Filthy Animal
  • You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out
  • It’s a Beaut, Clark
  • Those are my Christmas Lights

Snow Day:

  • Baby it’s Cold Outside
  • Up to Snow Good
  • White Christmas

And a Happy New Year:

  • Pop. Fizz. Clink.
  • Cheers to the New Year
  • Just Wake Me When It’s 2021
  • Après Corona

Don’t Forget the Little Guys!

Our 3oz Sidekick makes the perfect stocking stuffer, so be sure to include snack-size versions of your favorite seasonal scents when you stock up!

New for 2020: make your holiday minis even merrier with striped ribbon, now available for the 3oz Sidekick! Shown here: Red Stripe (corresponds with Fragrance No. 2), Emerald Stripe (corresponds with Fragrance No. 14) and multi-colored Holiday Stripe (corresponds to Fragrance No. 21).

It’s About to be Fall, Y’all!

Candle Season is Right Around the Corner…

While there’s no telling what the future holds, one thing is for certain: cold weather hasn’t been canceled. So whether this Fall brings back cider mills and bonfires — or just more cozy nights at home — celebrate the change of seasons with autumn-inspired additions for your Neighborhood collection! Here’s your step-by-step guide to bringing #FallVibes to your local candle line:

1. Start with Scent

When adding new candles to your Neighborhood collection, the best place to start is with scent! Your customers will swoon for these fab Fall fragrances:

Fragrance No. 25
Pumpkin, Ginger & Clove

Fragrance No. 4
Leather, Tea & Pomegranate

Fragrance No. 7
Bamboo, Teak & Black Currant

Fragrance No. 24
Leather, Tobacco, Amber & Musk

2. Festive Phrases

Once you’ve picked a fragrance (or two!), it’s time to name your new additions. Pair your seasonal scents with festive phrases. From Hey Pumpkin to Happy Fall Y’all, there are lots of ways to pay homage to Harvest Season in your hometown. Get inspired: check out the categories below!

Cold-Weather Classics:

  • Hello Fall
  • Happy Fall
  • It’s Fall Y’all
  • Fall Feels
  • Is it Fall Yet?

No Place Like Home:

  • Autumn in Albany
  • Carolina Autumn
  • Buffalo Fall is Best of All!
  • Fallin’ for Nantucket

Hot for Harvest Season

Whether you’re a bonafide Farm Girl (or just a farmhouse decor maven on Pinterest) there are lots of creative ways to get Hot for Harvest Season. For your inspiration: here are a few of our favorite creative candle name ideas (..for even more #FarmFresh fun, check out this blog post!)

Farm Fresh:

  • Hey Pumpkin
  • Harvest Time
  • Awe Shucks
  • Pumpkin Lovin’
  • Harvest Moon
  • Pumpkin Spice Life
  • Pumpkin Bumpkin

Did Someone Say Sweater Weather?

Still social distancing? Remind your customers that this Fall, the coziest place to be is home sweet home!

Keep it Cozy:

  • Sweater Weather
  • Let’s Snuggle
  • Cozy Home
  • Baby it’s Cold Outside
  • Let’s Get Cozy
  • By the Fire
  • Fall Nights

Gratitude is the Best Attitude

As we adjust to our new normal, it’s easy to forget all that we have to be grateful for. Remind your customers that a little gratitude can go a long way with tiny treats that give thanks for the little things in life!

Give Thanks:

  • Thankful Grateful Blessed
  • Gratitude is the best Attitude
  • Gather
  • Harvest Blessings
  • Give Thanks
  • Thankful
  • Gobble Til You Wobble

Say BOO! to Creepy Candles

Celebrate the SPOOKIEST time of the year with Halloween additions for your Neighborhood line! From having fun with pumpkin puns to brewing up something altogether BOO-jee, there are lots of ways to celebrate Halloween with the personalized candles in your Neighborhood collection. (Feast your eyes on more spooky-season staples here!)

  • Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Little Miss Spookiness
  • Witch Please!
  • 100% That Witch
  • Ghouls Night Out
  • Basic Witch
  • Momster
  • I Put a Spell on You
  • Love Potion No. 9
  • Coulda Had a Bad Witch
  • Happy Hallo-Wine

The best way to make the candles in your Neighborhood collection POP is with colored ribbon. Here are the hues we’re loving this fall:

Our Rainbow Just Got Brighter!

With ribbon upgrades available in every shade of the rainbow, adding a little Local Color to your Neighborhood collection has always been a piece of cake. But at Ella B. Candles, celebrating the Hues of Home goes beyond the bright bows on our boxes.

By sourcing materials made in the USA, we are able to empower domestic manufacturers while providing quality products that our retail partners can count on. In an ongoing effort to prioritize American makers whenever possible, we’ve recently revised our ribbon rainbow to source some colors closer to home.

We didn’t reinvent the color wheel, but we have made some changes. Keep scrolling to meet our favorite hues (both old and new)! 🌈🎁

Crushing on Corals? 🎀 Add pops of peachy pink to your Neighborhood collection with colored ribbon upgrades in these must-have hues! 🍑

Shown Here: our NEW Coral Rose ribbon joins fan favorites Coral Ice (formerly called Peach) and Living Coral (formerly Light Coral).

Eye-catching colored ribbon is the perfect way to make your Neighborhood candles stand out! 🧡🍊(Orange you just smitten with these bright, bold shades?! 😍)

Shown here: Yellow Gold (formerly Light Gold), Torrid Orange, Ginger (formerly Old Gold) and Daffodil.

Looking for shades that’ll stay in style, no matter the season? 🌱☀️🍁🌲These fresh greens are sure to please year-round! 💚

Shown here: Lucite (formerly Mint), Kiwi and Emerald.

You don’t have to be Picasso to dig the blues 🎨 Bring your own personalized Blue Period to your Neighborhood collection with our palette of beautiful hues! 💙

We’ve added a NEW blue to our rainbow! Introducing: Royal Blue! 💙 (Sound familiar? If you’re looking for the ribbon formerly known as Royal, don’t worry — our brightest blue is still available under a new name: Electric Blue ⚡)

From blue skies to blue jeans, use colored ribbon to capture ALL the Hues of Home 🌈🏡

Shown here: Sky Blue, Bluebird (formerly Wisteria) and Light Blue.

We’ve added to our ribbon rainbow, and these new hues are coming up roses! 🌹 Peruse our freshly-picked pinks, available exclusively in luxurious double faced satin! 🎀

Shown here: Pink Blush, Rosewater, Pink Sand and Palomino!

Our ribbon rainbow isn’t limited to ROYGBIV 🌈 For beyond-the-spectrum sophistication, try these luxe neutrals.

Shown here: Chardonnay (formerly Champagne), Natural and Toffee Shimmer.


Refresh Your Store Display!

Refresh Your Store Display!

Retailers: has it been a hot minute since you’ve had customers in your store? We’re here to help you freshen up before you re-open your doors! This week we’re sharing tips and tricks that will have your Ella B. Candles store display re-open ready in time. Keep scrolling: your Fresh Start begins now!

Burn, Baby, Burn!

We want your customers to fall in love at first smell, and one of the best ways to do that is with in-store testers. Back in the good ‘ol days (AKA three months ago) displaying unlit testers that could be picked up and sniffed offered customers an easy way to experience all of the fragrances in your collection (..and also curbed any temptation to pop open the box to sneak a whiff! 😉)

Unfortunately, COVID-19 concerns are reshaping the shopping experience for stores across the country, and some retailers may feel that unlit testers are an unnecessary touchpoint. To combat these concerns, we encourage you to find new ways to make happy smells part of your in-store experience! Burning your testers is a great way to catch your customers’ attention with scent while keeping the candle safely out of reach, and assigning specific scents to different sections of your store can establish instant ambience.

Not ready to ditch the unlit testers in your store display? Keep your wax under wraps! Our testers come topped with paper dust covers. While these paper covers definitely don’t have antibacterial properties, they can help keep things fresh in between sniff-tests!

So Fresh. So Clean. So Free!

No matter how you display your in-store testers, FRESH IS BEST! To help you spruce up your store display, we’re offering FREE replacement testers with re-orders* for a limited time. (Check the fine print at the bottom of this post for details!)

In-Store Signage

We’ve always believed that small businesses are the backbone of any town or city. As we’ve watched our retail partners across the country face uncertainty and overcome unprecedented obstacles, we’ve been reminded of what a vital light small businesses can be to the communities they serve. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that consumers support their local businesses. To help keep the local love alive, we provide complimentary Shop Local signage that you can incorporate in your store display.

Let’s Talk Product Placement!

Literally! How are Ella B. Candles products placed throughout your store? If your current configuration isn’t catching your customers’ attention, it may be time to get creative and rearrange. Our candles won’t suffer separation anxiety if you spread them out around your store. In fact, our retailers often report a boost in sales when they include Ella B. Candles in themed store displays and vignettes.

Got a Wedding Season end-cap? Your ‘Pop. Fizz. Clink.’ candle just found its new home! Got a section for teacher gifts? Make room for ‘Best. Teacher. Ever.’ Got a spot for summer essentials? Sounds like prime real-estate for ‘Tropic Like it’s Hot.’

Speaking of Summer Essentials…

Season-inspired candles are always top sellers, and with warm weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to add a splash of summer to your Neighborhood collection. Need a little inspo? We’ve got you covered! Check out our best Scents for Summer, then get inspired with Candle Names for Summer.

*FREE TESTER PROMO: $150 minimum order required. One tester per SKU, only eligible on Neighborhood and Well Stated SKUs ordered within the last 12 months. 11oz only. Excludes Holiday SKUs. For immediate ship orders only. Promotion ends 6/30.

Stay Home in Style!

Stay Home in Style!

Designed with the quarantined shopper in mind, the Stay Home collection features soothing scents paired with light-hearted phrases. Available now for Direct Ship.

  • Quarantined & Crazy (Fragrance No. 8 – Amber, Musk & Sage)

  • Smiles are Contagious (Fragrance No. 9 – Meadowgrass, Bergamot & Freesia)

  • Hugs from a Distance (Fragrance No. 18 – Lavender & Sweet Clover)


  • Everything Will Be Ok (Fragrance No. 23 – Spearmint, Peppermint & Eucalyptus)

  • Home Office Sweet Home Office (Fragrance No. 15 – Grapefruit, Evergreen & Citrus)

  • You Are My Sunshine (Fragrance No. 27 – Cilantro, Orange & Myrrh)

  • Home is Where Your Mom Is (Fragrance No. 19 – Jasmine, Lily & Bitter Orange)

  • Healthcare Hero ❤️ (Fragrance No. 3 – Sandalwood & Vanilla)

  • Mom. Teacher. Boss. (Fragrance No. 6 – Currant, Cassis & Rose)

  • Alexa, Homeschool the Kids. (Fragrance No. 1 – Mandarin Orange & Vanilla)

  • Home Sweet Homeschool (Fragrance No. 7 – Bamboo, Teak & Black Currant)


  • Cozier at Home (Fragrance No. 4 – Leather, Tea & Pomegranate)


  • Fa-La-La Fabulous (Fragrance No. 2 – Cinnamon & Nutmeg)


  • Home for the Holidays (Fragrance No. 14 – Birchwood & Evergreen Bark)


  • Prosc-Ho Ho Ho (Fragrance No. 21 – Cranberry, Mandarin & Clove)