The New esSCENTials: 5 Gifts to Stock in Your Shop!

The New esSCENTials: 5 Gifts to Stock in Your Shop!

Retailers: looking for unique new gifts to stock on your shelves? From Happy Birthday to Happy Housewarming, the Neighborhood Line by Ella B. Candles offers a range of home fragrance products that can be custom-tailored to answer ANY gifting needs!

New to the Neighborhood? Here’s how it works: we partner with boutiques and small businesses across the country to create a collection of home fragrance products personalized for YOUR customers. Stockists start by picking scents, then assigning them unique names. (Locally-inspired names are the Neighborhood Line’s claim to fame, but we encourage our retailers to get creative and think beyond local when naming their creations!)

Our signature box-and-box wrapping makes any Neighborhood product the perfect grab-and-go gift, while your personalized touch turns it into the total package.

Whether you’re a new store planning your opening order or an existing retail partner ready to freshen up your offering, we know that a little inspiration can go a long way. That’s why we’ve compiled a shortlist of must-have gifts to include in your Neighborhood collection.

We call ’em the esSCENTials because these staples are sure to be hot sellers, no matter the season. Keep scrolling to see the Gotta-Have gifts that you’ve gotta keep in stock!

host hostess gift

A Toast for the Host!

Don’t wait for the holidays to stock up on gifts for the host! ‘Hostess with the Mostest’ has consistently been a hot Neighborhood add-on, regardless of the season. For the new year, we’re offering a revamped version of this fan favorite. Whether your customers are shopping for the Queen of the Castle (or the King of the Kitchen), make sure they don’t turn up empty-handed with ‘A Toast to the Host.’

We recommend pairing ‘A Toast to the Host’ with Fragrance No. 19 (Jasmine, Lily and Bitter Orange) and Peach grosgrain ribbon (shown above).

birthday anniversary gift

Gifts for ANY Big Day!

‘Happy Birthday’ has long been a top Neighborhood add-on, but the once-a-year occasion isn’t the only Big Day your customers are shopping for. ‘Cheers to Another Year’ offers a celebratory gift that can cover a multitude of milestones — from birthdays to anniversaries (and even the New Year!)

We recommend pairing ‘Cheers to Another Year’ with Fragrance No. 11 (Lemon Zest and Vanilla) and Aqua grosgrain ribbon (shown above).

congrats gift

Gifts for Any Occasion!

Speaking of celebratory gifts that aren’t occasion-specific.. enter ‘Pop. Fizz. Clink.’ From raising a glass to the newlyweds to toasting a big promotion, this congratulatory concept can be gifted for any occasion that calls for champagne.

We recommend pairing ‘Pop. Fizz. Clink.’ with Fragrance No. 24 (Leather, Tobacco, Amber and Musk) and Toffee Shimmer satin ribbon (shown above).

housewarming realtor gift

A Unique Local Gift

Don’t forget to pay homage to Home Sweet Home! ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ makes a nod to wherever you call home, and makes the perfect housewarming or realtor gift.

We recommend pairing ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ with Fragrance No. 23 (Spearmint, Peppermint and Eucalyptus) and Light Coral grosgrain ribbon (shown above).

gift idea candle

Something Special for Someone Special

From ‘Sweet Friend’ to ‘You Are My Person,’ add-ons that celebrate a special someone have always been a Neighborhood mainstay. New for 2020, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ offers a colorful new creation that can be gifted to soulmates and soulsisters alike!

We recommend pairing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ with Fragrance No. 27 (Cilantro, Orange and Myrrh) and Daffodil grosgrain ribbon (shown above).

Personalized Candles offer a Unique Easter Gift for Your Customers!

Personalized Candles offer a Unique Easter Gift for Your Customers!

colorful easter candles

Retailers: are you searching for unique Easter gifts to stock this spring? Your egg hunt ends here! With the Neighborhood Line by Ella B. Candles YOU can create a candle collection that is personalized for your customers. Whether they’re shopping for local swag or unique holiday gifts, personalized candles make an EGGSellent treat for your hometown PEEPS.

The big day falls on April 12th this year, so stock up now on HOPPY Easter additions for your Neighborhood collection. We’ll show you how!

cadbury easter eggs

Your Personalized Candle Collection Starts with Scent!

Did you know: the Neighborhood Line offers 27 unique fragrances. Before you can create your new personalized candle, you’ll need to first select a scent! From marshmallow chicks to chocolate bunnies, Easter ’tis the season for iconic treats. Channel the sugar rush by choosing one of these sweet scents from our fragrance menu:

  • No. 3 (Sandalwood & Vanilla)  Straight up sugary goodness, Peeps fans will swoon for this sweet scent.
  • No. 11 (Lemon Zest & Vanilla) – Craving Easter cake? Skip straight to the dessert course with a slice of this delicious scent!
  • No. 13 (Pear & Redwood)  Are Jelly Beans your jam? You’ll love this fruity favorite.

Do your customers favor floral fragrances? For a more traditional Easter add-on, try one of these spring staples:

  • No. 5 (Gardenia & Lily of the Valley)  One of our boldest floral scents, even the Easter bunny himself will get an extra spring in his step from this seasonal essential!
  • No. 18 (Lavender & Sweet Clover)  Subtle yet sweet, this sophisticated floral scent pairs well with sentimental messages.

religious inspirational easter gift ideas

Personalize Your Candle with a Name!

Once you’ve picked a scent, it’s time to give your personalized candle a name! (Your candle’s name will appear on the package labeling!) Keep it local with candle names inspired by home, OR celebrate holidays and special occasions with seasonal names!

Whether your customers are shopping for Easter sentiments that can stand alone or playful concepts that compliment other giftable goodies in your shop, personalized candles offer a unique product that can answer all of their gifting needs! Need some inspiration? Here’s a short-list of Easter-inspired candle names:

  • Oh Hoppy Day!
  • Hoppy Easter
  • For Peeps Sake
  • He is Risen
  • Funny Bunny
  • Somebunny Loves You

easter basket gift ideas

Personalized Candles in a Snack-Size Package!

Full-sized candles are a staple for any Neighborhood collection, but let’s not forget the little guys! Our Sidekick (3oz boxed votive) and Stowaway (8oz travel tin) are the perfect size (and price!) for slipping into an Easter basket, so be sure to include these budget-friendly options when stocking up on personalized candles for your store!

Valentine’s Gifts: Sweet Treats for your Sweethearts

Valentine’s Gifts: Sweet Treats for your Sweethearts

Roses are red, violets are blue. We’re crushing on candles… what about you?

Tis the season to stock up on Valentine’s gifts! Whether your customers are shopping for a Valentine or a gaggle of their closest Galentines, give them something sweet to gift all of their special someones with flirty additions for your Neighborhood collection!

Stock up on Valentine’s gifts by adding these sweet treats to your Neighborhood collection!

Sugary Sweet Scents make the Perfect Valentine’s Gifts

Are your customers craving candy hearts and sugary kisses? Valentine’s gifts don’t have to come from the candy aisle! Here’s the short-list of sweet scents that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth:

  • No. 3 (Sandalwood & Vanilla) –  Sugary sweet and good enough to eat, this scent smells like candy hearts without the calories.
  • No. 13 (Pear & Redwood– Smells like sweet nostalgia! This scent will have you reminiscing about secret crushes and first dates.

Sweet Valentine’s Gifts, sans Sugar Rush

Sugary treats are an essential part of any Valentine’s Day stock-up, but what if your customers have a more sophisticated palate? For Valentine’s gifts that offer a sweet treat without the sugar rush, set the mood with these swoonworthy scents:

  • No. 6 (Currant, Cassis & Rose) – Craving fresh cut florals, but don’t want a bouquet that’ll wilt in a week? You’ll be smelling the roses all spring long with this flowery fragrance!
  • No. 16 (Tuberose, Musk & Patchouli) –  A floral fragrance with a twist, this scent smells like dried flowers and date nights.
  • No. 24 (Leather, Tobacco, Amber & Musk) – This manly aroma makes the perfect Hot Date for Valentine’s Day!

Lots of Ways to say ‘I Love You’

Once you’ve picked your favorite fragrance, it’s time to give your new addition(s) a name! Here are some simple ways to spread the love:

  • Hey Valentine
  • XOXO
  • Be My Valentine
  • Be Mine
  • Candy Hearts
  • Love is in the Air
  • Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Gifts that Won’t go Stale!

We LOVE season-specific gifts, but we also know that holiday candles come with a shorter shelf-life. If you’re looking for lovey-dovey ideas that check the box on Valentine’s Day but won’t go stale before the end of the season, consider concepts that spread the love year-round! (For even more inspiration, pop over to our Instagram!)

  • You’re My Person
  • Sweet Friend
  • I ❤️ You

Don’t Forget Gifts for Galentines!

February isn’t just for lovebirds! Galentine’s Day puts gal pals front and center, so be sure to stock up on gifts that celebrate besties, soul sisters, and all the single ladies!

Here are some suggestions that the whole squad will love:

  • Girl Got Galentines
  • Sisters Before Misters
  • Ladies Celebrating Ladies
  • Galentine Squad

Sweet Treats in a Snack-Sized Package!

Commitment-phobes rejoice: you don’t need to commit to full-size candles to flirt with fun Valentine’s Day concepts for your Neighborhood collection! Our snack-size vessel options, like the Sidekick (3oz boxed votive) and Stowaway (8oz travel tin) offer all the V-day vibes, at a price point that won’t make your customers lovesick!

Baby Take a Bow!

Our signature box and bow make Ella B. Candles the perfect grab-and-go gift. For an extra dose of sweetness, upgrade to Assorted Pastel ribbon. This Candy Hearts-inspired color scheme features an assortment of grosgrain ribbons in Light Pink, Copenhagen, Iris and Mint.


Splash into Spring with Citrus

Spring is in the Air! With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the change of seasons with a splash of citrus!

Fun Fact: citrus sells best! The Neighborhood Line consists of twenty-seven fragrances. Of those twenty-seven, it’s our citrus-inspired scents that consistently top the short-list of bestsellers. While we always encourage our retail partners to keep diversity in mind when choosing fragrances, there’s no denying that a pop of citrus plays a key role in any collection.

Could your candle collection use a breath of fresh air this spring? Beat the post-holiday blues and start the year off right with a dose of Vitamin C!

All About that OJ OG

When Ella B. Candles was launched in 2011, we only offered one fragrance. A blend of sweet citrus notes with a hint of wood, it was equally elegant and playful — attributes that made it an instant classic. Known today as Fragrance No. 15 (Grapefruit, Citrus & Evergreen), that OJ OG scent remains our #1 bestseller and a mainstay in personalized candle collections across the country.

While No. 15 may check the box on citrusy goodness, why stop with one?

Fresh Squeezed Scents

If you’re ready to handpick an additional citrus scent for your collection, you’ll find plenty up for grabs at the Ella B. Candles grove…

  • No. 1 (Mandarin Orange & Vanilla) – Warm, sweet, and wonderfully versatile
  • No. 11 (Lemon Zest & Vanilla) – Often likened to cake without the calories, think of this sugary sweet scent as your Neighborhood collection’s dessert course
  • No. 22 (Grapefruit & Lemon Verbena) – The strongest scent in our citrus line-up, grapefruit dominates in this energizing blend
  • No. 27 (Cilantro, Orange & Myrrh) – Towing the line between fresh and cozy, this fragrance is the quintessential clean house scent. Did someone say Spring Cleaning?

Here Comes the Sun Fun!

Once you’ve picked a new scent (or scents) for your collection, it’s time for the fun part: giving it a name! Welcome spring with a season-specific name (like Spring Awakening or Spring Clean) OR, for candles that will sell into the summer months, try something sunny and bright:

  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Sunshine In My Pocket
  • Be The Light
  • Here Comes The Sun
  • Shine Bright
  • The Future Is Bright

Pair your sunny slogan with a colored ribbon to make your new addition the total package. Shown above: our snack-size votives tied with Torrid, Light Coral, Old Gold and Daffodil grosgrain ribbons.

Local Flavor

Lookin’ to Keep it Local? Bring your seasonal additions back home by pairing citrus scents with a splash of local flavor. Above: locally-inspired options, shown in our 8oz travel tin.


Let the Good Times Roll!

Fat Tuesday is right around the corner, so stock up on your Mardi Gras candles and get ready to let the good times roll!

Capture the flavor of home by introducing Carnival-inspired candles into your Neighborhood collection!

The French Quarter may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of great fragrance.. but there are creative ways to capture the scents of home with the fragrances available in the Neighborhood Line. Here are some pairings we’re loving for Mardi Gras:

  • No. 11 (Lemon Zest and Vanilla) – Every bit as decadent as King Cake — but without the calories!
  • No. 7 (Bamboo, Teak & Black Currant) – It’s not a Mardi Rita, but you’ll still want to take a swig of this refreshing scent.
  • No. 24 (Leather, Tobacco, Amber & Musk) – The perfect after-dark scent for festive Carnival nights on Bourbon Street.

Make the Holidays a Black Tie Affair

Celebrate the Holidays with sophisticated Neighborhood additions guaranteed to make a POP!

This week we’re sharing how to make the holiday season a Black Tie Affair with chic seasonal additions for your Neighborhood collection that’ll last you from Turkey Day to the Ball Drop.

Propose a TOAST for the HOST

From black-tie soirees to family dinners, raise a glass 🥂 to ALL of the holiday hosts with a versatile gift that your customers can give all season long! Add ‘A Toast to the Host’ to your Neighborhood collection today. 

Say CHEERS! to the New Year

2020 is right around the corner, so say Cheers to the New Year with your Neighborhood collection! 🍾

Let it GLOW!

We love a White Christmas… but you don’t need snow to Let it Glow! ✨ Live in a warm locale? There are still festive ways to get merry this Holiday season!

Make Spirits Bright

Wherever you are, tis the season to be Jingle & Mingle! Think outside of the box and add festive additions to your Neighborhood collection today!

Local is the New Black

The Hive can’t thrive without YOU!

We partner with small businesses across the country, but everywhere we go, we keep it local. We’re counting down to Small Business Saturday by sharing the ways we support our small business partners!

We want to equip your business with all of the tools you need to succeed. From signage that can be added to your in-store display to marketing support for your online storefront, we’re here to make Ella B. Candles your bestselling line. Learn more about how we’ll help you build a beautiful store display here!

Because we don’t sell the Neighborhood Line online, we’ll never be in competition with our retailers. Instead, when a customer comes to us looking for a product, we’ll be sure to send them your way! We’ve designed tools for our website to help customers find you — like our Find a Fragrance tool, and our Store Locater.

Since launching in 2011, Ella B. Candles partnered with retailers all across the country. We’re so thankful, grateful and blessed to call you part of our extended family.

Move over, Black Friday! If you ask us, Local is the New Black… and we consider Small Business Saturday the most significant shopping day of the holiday season. This weekend is all about KEEPING IT LOCAL. 🖤

Christmas Across the Country

Celebrate HOME for the Holidays!

With twenty-seven fragrance options, personalized packaging, and locally-inspired candle names, there’s nothing ‘One Size Fits All’ about your Neighborhood collection. So why would your seasonal offerings be any different?

Whether you’re dreaming of a White Christmas or a White Sand Christmas, celebrate HOME this holiday season by pairing your favorite festive fragrances with candle names inspired by your hometown.

How do the locals celebrate the holidays in YOUR neck of the woods? From tree lightings in the town square to festive farmers markets, get creative and capture what makes this season fabulous for your customers.

Local Love is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Local flair doesn’t have to stop with your Neighborhood line. Your customers will be shopping for unique gifts all season, so now’s the perfect time to expand your candle collection. Looking for something new? Meet Well Stated.

Featuring premium packaging, a fabulous fragrance, and unique state-inspired artwork, our Well Stated candles bring local love to the next level. And with multiple design options available for all 50 states, we’ve made it easy to add a little state love to your holiday lineup.

Explore the Possibilities

In this week’s blog, we’re sharing creative ways to celebrate Christmas from coast to coast. Ready to get inspired? Keep scrolling to see how you can pair personalized Neighborhood candles with Well Stated staples this holiday season.

Getting Merry in the Midwest!

Nothing says ‘Merry’ quite like Christmas in the Midwest (there’s a reason all those John Hughes movies were set here, dontchaknow). Whether you’re welcoming winter in the Windy City or bundling up in the Mitten State, warm up with a holiday collection inspired by your little slice of home!

No Snow? No Problem!

Sun rays and beach days aren’t going to keep Santa away, so celebrate Christmas on the Coast with a dash of Vitamin Sea. From Jingle Shells to Seas and Greetings, you can set the mood for holiday magic while still paying homage to warmer weather.

Holiday Baubles for the Bayou!

Gearing up for a Cajun Christmas? Say Heaux Heaux Heaux to holiday options inspired by home! Whether you’re celebrating the City of Lights — or just lighting the way for Papa Noël — there’s no room for ‘Bah Humbugs‘ in the Bayou State.

Festive with a Southwest Flair!

Feeling the heat this holiday season? Give your customers a spicy treat by adding a dash of southwest flair to your festive offerings. You’re sure to please with holiday classics — like Feliz Navidad or Nochebuena. For a more playful flourish, wish your customers a Merry-achi Christmas.

Now it’s Your Turn!

Ready to create? We’re here to help! Give us a call (or shoot us an email) to brainstorm creative Christmas creations for YOUR Neighborhood collection. (Looking for additional inspiration? Check out this blog post or take a peak our Instagram feed).

Anatomy of a Store Display

How do YOU display Ella B. Candles in your store?

That’s the question we invited our retail partners to answer with this past summer’s Store Display Contest. We were overwhelmed by the amazing entries that we received — and by the creative ways that our retail partners display Ella B. Candles in their stores. (Check out contest winner Yours & Meyn, pictured above!)

With our second Store Display contest currently underway (go enter!), we couldn’t think of a better time to explore the anatomy of a great store display. This week, we’re sharing tips for displaying Ella B. Candles throughout your store — and throughout the seasons.

What’s in a Name?

Before we can get into the nitty gritty of building a great store display for your Neighborhood candles, we think we should go back to where it all started: with a candle that needed a name.

When we poured our first batch of candles in 2011, we knew we had to pick a name just as fabulous as the fragrance we used. We thought it smelled expensive… so we called it ‘Myers Park,’ after the ritzy neighborhood in our native Charlotte, NC. The concept of naming candles after neighborhoods stuck. Soon our collection expanded to include other hot spots around our hometown, and just like that the Neighborhood Line was born.

The Local Candle… EVERYWHERE!

Today the Ella B. Candles Neighborhood Line can be found across the country, and the names of our favorite fragrances have been reimagined for countless locales. While the candle names may vary from town to town, the concept is always the same: local candles, personalized for wherever you are.

Whether we’re working with a retailer in Beverly Hills, California or a small beach town in our home state of North Carolina, every Neighborhood collection begins with identifying the locations and places that matter most to your customers. That local flair — combined with our signature gift-ready packaging — is what immediately sets our candles apart.

We believe in Keeping it Local and empowering the small businesses and boutiques that sell our candles. One of the ways we do that is with complimentary store display signs, provided to every Ella B. Candles retail partner.

Thanks to their compact size and pop-out easel-back, our ‘Shop Local’ signs can be easily displayed anywhere in your store. Whether you use the sign as a centerpiece for your candle display, or to catch your customers’ attention in other parts of your store, we’ve designed display signs that work for you!

Love at First Sniff

Locally-inspired names and gift-ready packaging set our candles apart on your shelf.. but great fragrance is what seals the deal. Our Neighborhood Line gives you 27 fabulous fragrances to choose from, and there’s no limit to how many scents you can choose for your collection.

One of the top questions we get asked is — “what scents sell best?” Because we know it can be daunting to sniff through all 27 fragrance options when planning your opening order, we’ve tried to take out some of the guess work by highlighting our best-selling scents.

But here’s the thing: scent is subjective, and your customers’ preferences can change with the seasons. Pay attention to what (and who!) your customers are shopping for, and remember that your favorite fragrance might not be the scent your customers are shopping for.

Scents that Sell!

We know that a candle’s scent is just as important as the name on the front of the box. After all, your customers will be burning this fragrance in their home long after they’ve tossed the box.

Since scent can be a deciding factor when purchasing a candle, we decided the fragrance deserved top-billing on our packaging. That’s why we feature fragrance notes on the back label of every boxed candle.

Fragrance notes aren’t just on the box to be informative; they’re also a selling tool. Designed to mirror the style of our front labels, the fragrance note labels adhere to a clean, simple aesthetic.

Want to introduce a little variety in your store display? Flaunting the fragrance notes is another great way to catch your customers’ attention, so consider alternating the boxes in your display to showcase the front and back labels.

Inspiration for Every Season!

Personalizing your Neighborhood line doesn’t end with naming candles after local haunts. Every season brings a new opportunity to answer the call on your customers’ gift-giving needs. Consider what occasions and holidays your customers are shopping for, then get creative!

From honoring the Graduating Class to welcoming Sweater Weather, make your Neighborhood collection the one-stop shop for unique gifts every season.

Seasonal offerings aren’t just a great way to increase sales…they’ll also keep your display fresh year-round!

‘Tis the Season to Switch Things Up

Going beyond local with candle names isn’t the only way to think outside of the box with your Neighborhood line! Our candles look fabulous when displayed together… but they won’t get separation anxiety if you spread them out around your store.

Reach more customers and take the guesswork out of gifting by merchandising your season-specific candles with similar items in themed vignettes or displays.

Got a fall tablescape or holiday hostess gift station? Pop in a few of your fall bestsellers! Does your shop have a designated spot for birthday cards and quickie gifts? See if your Happy Birthday candles sell better there!

And don’t forget stocking stuffers! Our tins and 3oz boxed votives make the perfect add-on, so consider displaying these merry little minis by the cash register to catch the eye of last-minute shoppers that might have otherwise missed them.

Making little moves can lead to big results, so don’t be afraid to switch things up!

Keep it Fresh!

A great store display isn’t just about the visuals. With Ella B. Candles you can catch your customers’ attention before they’ve even caught of glimpse of your display! How? With testers!

We want your customers to fall in love at first smell, and that’s why we encourage our retail partners to burn their testers in-store. Seeing (and smelling!) your Neighborhood candles in action can drive sales… and make your store smell great!

We’ve already stressed the importance of merchandising candles around your store, and the same suggestions apply to testers: place them strategically in locations where they can make the greatest impact on your customers.

Does your shop have a bathroom? Keep it smelling fresh with a tester! Are you a furniture store? Consider incorporating testers in the display for that new living room set. Sell bath or spa products? Add a candle to the display to set the mood for relaxation!

There are plenty of ways to get creative with testers, but keep in mind that fresh sells best! If your testers are looking worse for the wear, make a note of what scents need to be replaced — then be sure to include those the next time you reorder!

How do you Ho-Ho-Holiday?

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is almost here! That Means ‘Tis the Season to stock up on Stocking Stuffers for your Customers!

With three seasonal fragrances to choose from and complimentary upgrades (like colored ribbon and holiday swag on the label), we’ve made adding a little Christmas cheer to your Neighborhood line a piece of (fruit) cake! Whether this is your first season celebrating with Ella B. Candles, or you’re looking to freshen up your festive offerings, this blog post will help you plan your Christmas candle collection!

Three Scents for Christmas

Ella B. Candles retailers TRIPLE their candle sales during the holiday months. To help meet the needs of your customers, we’ve created THREE unique holiday scents that can be added to your Neighborhood collection…

Fragrance No. 2 (Cinnamon & Nutmeg)

When the weather outside is frightful.. warm up with a fragrance that is so delightful! This spicy scent is our hottest holiday seller. Add this fiery fragrance to your Neighborhood collection, and give it a festive name — like Fa-La-La Fabulous or Sleigh All Day.

Fragrance No. 2 includes complementary Red grosgrain ribbon.

Fragrance No. 14 (Birchwood & Evergreen Bark)

With notes of Birchwood and Evergreen Bark, one whiff of Fragrance No. 14 will whisk you away to a Winter Wonderland! Add this enchanting scent to your Neighborhood collection, and give it a fun name — like Trim the Tree or Too Lit to Quit!

Fragrance No. 14 includes complementary Emerald grosgrain ribbon.

Fragrance No. 21 (Cranberry, Mandarin & Clove)

Fragrance No. 21 is the perfect blend of Cozy, Spice and Everything Nice! Add this Christmas classic to your Neighborhood collection, and give it a holly jolly name — like Home for the Holidays or Naughty is the New Nice!

Fragrance No. 21 includes complementary Kiwi grosgrain ribbon.

Merry Little Minis!

This Christmas, give your customers more ways to gift by stocking up on their favorite seasonal scents in Stocking Stuffer sizes — like our 8oz tin, or 3oz boxed votives!



Cold Weather is Coming!

Cozy Up for the Cold Weather months with transitional scents that will sell all season long!

The cold weather months are the hottest time of year for candle sales, and between our signature Fall (fragrance No. 25) and Christmas offerings (fragrances No. 2, No. 14, and No. 21), our Neighborhood line gives you plenty of ways to get creative with season-appropriate scents.

But what if you want to give your customers something to cozy up to in between ‘Happy Fall Y’all’ and ‘Merry & Bright?’ In this blog post, we’re sharing inspiration for transitional scents and candle names that you can stock (and re-stock) all season long — front the first day of fall, till well after the last Christmas wreath comes down!

Best Scents for the Season!

You can’t go wrong with our Fall and Christmas fragrances, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Expand your seasonal offerings and add more fragrances to your Neighborhood collection. Here are some scents that are sure to keep your customers feeling warm and cozy during the cold weather months:

  • No. 3 – Sandalwood & Vanilla
  • No. 4 – Leather, Tea & Pomegranate
  • No. 8 – Amber, Musk & Sage
  • No. 26 – Sandalwood & Cashmere
  • No. 27 – Cilantro, Orange & Myrrh

Cozy up with Creative Candle Names!

Get your customers in the mood to snuggle up with candle names that are cozy and creative. Here are a few that we’re loving this autumn:

  • Sweater Weather (pairs well with No. 26 – Sandalwood & Cashmere)
  • Cold Weather, Cozy Home
  • It’s Cold, Let’s Cuddle
  • Cold Weather is On the Way

Say Boo! to Creepy Candles for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, so join Ella B. Candles in celebrating the spookiest time of the year!

From having fun with pumpkin puns to brewing up something altogether BOO-jee, there are lots of ways to celebrate Halloween with the personalized candles in your Neighborhood collection. Feast your eyes on these spooky-season staples that are sure to please festive fiends and scaredy cats alike!

CREEPIN’ it Good in the ‘Hood

You don’t have to live on Elm Street to pay homage to your favorite hometown haunts. What creepy landmarks or eery legends keep your customers up at night? Do monsters lurk in the graveyard? Is there a boogeyman living under the town bridge? Can ghoulish screams be heard from the old opera house?

There’s bound to be something sinister in your hometown. CREEP it local and give your customers a real fright with hometown-inspired Halloween candles.

GHOULS Just Wanna Have Fun!

Are your customers too old to Trick-or-Treat, but still dying to get their EEK! on this Pumpkin Season? Dish up something downright devilish for your Halloween Honeys with these sassy slogans and playful puns, all devised with a Basic Witch in mind:

  • Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun (pairs BOO-tifully with Fragrance No. 26 – Sandalwood & Cashmere)
  • Here for the Boos
  • Bad and Boo-jee
  • If You’ve Got It, Haunt It (set the mood for spookiness with Fragrance No. 24 – Leather, Tobacco, Amber & Musk)
  • Resting Witch Face
  • 100% That Witch (channel those #BadGhoulVibes with Fragrance No. 8 – Amber, Musk & Sage)
  • Eat, Drink & Be Scary
  • Little Miss Spookiness (there’s nothing freaky about the fresh and feminine Fragrance No. 6 – Currant, Cassis & Rose)
  • Witch Please!


We may not know the secret formula for Love Potion No. 9, but we do have some fab-BOO-lous fragrances that your customers will love to death. Give Halloween diehards something to swoon over with these tongue-in-cheek creeper-inspired classics:

  • Vampire’s Breath (pairs perfectly with our minty fresh fragrance No. 23 – Spearmint, Peppermint & Eucalyptus)
  • Look at What the Bats Dragged In
  • Love Potion No. 9 (enamor your customers with the alluring Fragrance No. 9 – Meadowgrass, Bermaot & Freesia)
  • Witches Brew
  • I Put a Spell on You (cast a spell with the transfixing Fragrance No. 16 – Tuberose, Musk & Patchouli)
  • Hocus Pocus

No BOOs About It!

Do black cats and swarms of bats send a shiver down your spine? Is Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin your idea of a creature feature? Are you white-knuckling it through October and just holding out for the clearance candy corn?! Fret not! You don’t have to think outside the box to celebrate Halloween in your hometown.

These fright-free favorites will delight spooky kids of all ages, no BOOs about it!

  • Hey Boo
  • The Great Pumpkin (keep it classic with our beloved Fragrance No. 25 – Pumpkin, Ginger & Clove)
  • Boo Y’all
  • Trick-or-Treat (satisfy any sweet tooth with the good-enough-to-eat Fragrance No. 1 – Mandarin Orange & Vanilla)

If You’ve Got It, HAUNT IT!

Want to celebrate the spookiest time of the year, but scared to death of committing to full-size candles? Have no fear! While our 11oz vessel may be a hefty sell for Halloween, your customers are sure to say Trick-or-Treat to snack-size vessel options, like our 3oz boxed votives or 8oz tins (which come dressed to distress in a smooth black finish). Sold in sets of 12 or 6 respectively, our votives and tins are the perfect in.

What are you waiting for?! Get creative, conjure up your creepiest candle names, and WOO your Halloween BOOs! (Feeling proud of your creation? Enter our Halloween Name-a-Candle Contest!)


Hello, Pumpkin!

Fall is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more ready for the season of Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Nice!

As the weather gets cooler, we’re warming up to our favorite fall fragrances. Last week we shared harvest-inspired offerings from retailers across the country, and this week we’re Going for Gold Gourd with our beloved Fragrance No. 25. With notes of Pumpkin, Ginger and Clove, this warm-n-cozy scent makes the quintessential fall candle.

Keep reading to see the fun and inventive ways our retail partners incorporate this beloved fall fragrance into their Neighborhood collections.

Pumpkin Lovin’

With our Neighborhood line, retailers (like you!) have the opportunity to create a collection of personalized candles. While most of our retail partners choose to give their candles locally-inspired names, you’re not limited to what’s around you. Your candles will sell best when they have names that resonate with your customers. And since you know what your customers want, we encourage you to pick names that they’re sure to Fall in love with.

If locally-inspired names fly off your shelves — great! Keep that Local Love alive with names that celebrate wherever you call home: Alabama AutumnFall in Connecticut.

But if you find that your customers are craving something beyond your Neighborhood, don’t be afraid to get creative! Pumpkin Love is universal. No matter where you are, these fun-and-festive names would be a perfect fit for Fragrance No. 25:

  • Pumpkin Lovin’
  • Sweeter Than Pumpkin Pie
  • Pumpkin Chai
  • Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice
  • Hey Pumpkin
  • Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins Please
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Pumpkin Spice Life

We’re all about a little whimsy, but sometimes simplicity sells. If your customers are shopping for something simple, names like Heirloom Pumpkin or White Pumpkin are sure to please. Dress these classics up with a corresponding colored ribbon (pictured above: Heirloom Pumpkin with Old Gold grosgrain ribbon; White Pumpkin with Ivory grosgrain ribbon).

Pumpkin may be the main fragrance note in this fall scent, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in the Pumpkin Patch. While plenty of retailers get creative with naming Fragrance No. 25, the most popular name for this scent (hands down!) is Happy Fall Y’all.

There’s no wrong way to celebrate fall in your town. From keeping it local to spreading that Pumpkin Lovin’, we’ve shared some of our favorite ways to incorporate this scent in your Neighborhood collection. How will YOU serve up this fall fav?

Hot For Harvest Season

There’s no such thing as too many candles… and that rule is doubly true for fall candles. As the air turns cold and the sweaters come out, your customers will be craving cozy candles. Make your Neighborhood collection their one-stop shop for great seasonal home fragrance.

At Ella B. Candles we’re all about Keepin’ it Local, and we encourage our retailers to do the same. To help you pay homage to Harvest Season in YOUR hometown, we’re sharing some of our favorite Autumn Inspiration. Take a scroll to see how you can add a dash of fall to your locally-inspired Neighborhood collection!

Start with a Fragrance (or two…)

When it comes to fall fragrance, No. 25 (Pumpkin, Ginger & Clove) is the undisputed star of the show. Packed with spicy, pumpkiny deliciousness, it’s easy to understand why this scent is the go-to fall candle for our retail partners. But every star needs a supporting cast, so consider rounding out your autumn offerings with other fragrances.

Here are a few favorites that your customers are sure to Fall in love with:

  • No. 4 (Leather, Tea & Pomegranate) – Imagine slipping into your favorite leather jacket, taking a stroll through the apple orchard, then warming up with a mug of mulled cider. That’s fragrance No. 4.
  • No. 7 (Bamboo, Teak & Black Currant) – Smells like misty fall mornings and icy dew drops on blades of grass.
  • No. 24 (Leather, Tobacco, Amber & Musk) – The perfect after-dark scent, for when the bonfire burns out but the Harvest Moon is still burning bright in the night sky.

Tell your Town’s Story

Before your customers can fall in love at first smell, you need to catch their attention. That’s where naming comes in. Candle names tell a story, and with your Neighborhood collection, you get to be the storyteller. Choose names that click with your customers and tell the story of your town.

How do you welcome autumn in your neck of the woods?

Whether you’re a bonafide Farm Girl (or just a farmhouse decor maven on Pinterest) there are lots of creative ways to get Hot for Harvest Season.

For your inspiration, here’s how our retailers across the country are keeping it #FarmFresh this fall…

  • Farmer’s Wife
  • Farm to Market
  • God Made a Farmer
  • Farm Life
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Farmstead
  • Rustic Red Barn
  • Barn Dance
  • Iowa Harvest
  • Harvest Moon
  • Husker Harvest
  • Harvest Time
  • Bourbon Country

Top it Off with a Bow

Your Neighborhood candles will come packaged in our signature box and bow. For an extra dash of fall flare, upgrade to a colored ribbon.

Here are the hues that are speaking to us this Harvest Season:

  • Rust (available in 7/8″ satin only)
  • Seal Brown
  • Old Gold
  • Moss
  • Wine

We hope these Harvest Vibes have inspired you to expand your Neighborhood collection this autumn. If you need any help picking fragrances, choosing locally-inspired names, or putting together your fall order, don’t hesitate to reach out:

Tell Your (Scent) Story

If you’re an Ella B. Candles retailer, you’re already familiar with the Neighborhood concept: pick your favorite fragrances and give them locally-inspired names to create a candle collection that is custom-tailored for your hometown. But… what if you want to think outside of the Neighborhood?

You aren’t limited to street names and parts of town. There are plenty of ways to expand your collection, from sweet sentiments to sassy taglines. We love to see how our retailers get creative when naming the candles in their collections, and we want to inspire you to explore the possibilities. With 27 fragrances and a full spectrum of colored ribbons to choose from, there are endless ways to tell your story. Here are some of our favorite creative pairings.

No. 26 – Sandalwood & Cashmere; a fabulously feminine fragrance that is soft, sweet, and undeniably chic. From She’s Boujee to Bubble Bath, our retailers have used No. 26 to celebrate all of our favorite things. Think Pink and pair this sweet scent with an appropriately hued ribbon. Featured above: Azalea, Hot Pink, Pink, and Light Pink (all available in grosgrain and satin options).

No. 27 – Cilantro, Orange and Myrrh; packed full of citrusy goodness, this fragrance is like a freshly cleaned kitchen packed into a little glass jar. Use No. 27 to remind your customers of what they love most: coming home, relaxing, and those Easy Sunday Mornings. Compliment 27’s citrus vibes with a zesty ribbon. Featured above: Lime, Kiwi, and Chartreuse (all available in grosgrain and satin options).

No. 23 – Spearmint, Peppermint & Eucalyptus; a fragrance that is just as minty-fresh as your breath on a first date. Pair this cooler than cool fragrance with names that are equally dazzling: Man in Uniform or So Fresh, So Clean. Keep it Chill with an icy-cold colored ribbon. Featured above: Teal, Mint, Aquamarine, and Aqua (all available in grosgrain and satin options).

No. 22 – Grapefruit & Lemon Verbena; the aromatic equivalent of a hundred rays of sunshine. This warm and fruity fragrance smells like sunsets, summer nights and fun drinks — the perfect way to say Oh, Happy Day! To top it off, explore our sunset-hued ribbon choices. Displayed above: Raisin, Currant, Old Gold, Torrid Orange and Gold (all available in grosgrain and satin options), and Dark Coral and Rust (available in satin only).

No. 18 – Lavender & Sweet Clover; relax and unwind with dreamy swirls of soothing and sweet. Whether you’re longing for a Spa Day or Sweet Dreams, this fragrance will lull you away to your Happy Place. For an extra dose of Vitamin Sleep, add a cozy colored ribbon. Displayed above: Regal, Purple, Iris, Wisteria and Orchid (all available in grosgrain and satin options).


Celebrate Back to School!

From Homecoming and High School Sweethearts to Rooting for the Home Team, there are lots of ways to add School Spirit to your personalized candle collection. How will YOU celebrate the local schools in your Neighborhood this Back to School season?

The season of sun, sand and surf is coming to an end, and that means it’s just about time to trade in Beach Days and Mermaid Hair for Bonfires and Sweater Weather. But before we tug on our toboggans and dive head-first into Pumpkin Spice season, there’s another milestone worth celebrating: Back to School.

Whether your town has a major high school sports rivalry or is home to a quaint college campus, the Ella B. Candles Neighborhood line gives you the opportunity to pair local school spirit with the great home fragrance that your customers already love. And with classes (soon to be) back in session, now is the perfect time to create customized candles for your school!

Smells Like Team Spirit

If every fall your store is rushed by customers looking for school swag and mascot merch, you’ll score big with team spirit-inspired additions to your Neighborhood collection.

This could be as simple as creating a candle with your school’s name, mascot, or motto. Take inspiration from these examples:

  • Go Tigers!
  • Home of the Highlanders
  • Rebel Pride
  • Brighton Bulldogs
  • Titan Nation
  • Green & Gold
  • Class of 2020
  • #CharlotteStrong

(Note: remember to be mindful of any existing trademarks, particularly if you’re creating a candle for a college or university.)

Step it Up With Colored Ribbon

Once you’ve settled on a great locally-inspired name, take your candle game to the next level with colored ribbon. With our optional double ribbon upgrade, you can add your school’s colors to the box.

Options for Everyone

While school-specific swag is an exciting way to expand your Neighborhood offerings, there are also reasons why you may want to keep your collection more generic. Maybe your town is divided by rival schools and you don’t want to pick sides. Maybe there are too many local schools in your city and you can’t represent them all. Or maybe you just want to create products that will appeal to a broader customer base.

Whatever your reasoning, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate locally-inspired team themes in your Neighborhood collection without being school-specific.

Here are some of our football-season favorites:

  • Game Day
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Time to Tailgate
  • Homecoming
  • Fall and Football
  • Football Mom

Think Beyond the Field

Celebrating the home team isn’t the only way to ring in the new school year. Fall is also the season for teacher appreciation. Chuck the shiny red apple and give your customers gift options for their favorite teachers.

‘Best. Teacher. Ever.’ has become a favorite Neighborhood addition for our retailers. Looking for something even more meaningful? The Teacher candle from our Definition collection is a best-seller, and available in three sizes – 3oz, 8oz and 11oz.

Your Turn!

We hope that this blog post has inspired you to create your own school-inspired candles for your Neighborhood collection. If you get stuck brainstorming, remember that we’re always here to help!

Whether you need help naming your new candles, or want to place your order in time for the Back to School rush, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email!